Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Rosemont View / oil on canvas / 16 x 20
Night Fire / oil on panel / 24 x 24

Haring's Farm / oil on canvas / 22 x 28
Clair De Lune / oil on panel / 24 x 24

Emily and I will have new paintings hanging in the main room at Travis Gallery this spring. I think hanging together will show how much we’ve influenced each other’s work, although the end results are miles apart. I love the way she applies paint. So free and exciting. Her colors are atmospheric and beautiful. Emily says that watching me paint the Bucks County landscape en plein-air has made her consider using her surroundings as a starting point for her abstracts. The design, colors and different seasons are endless sources of material for her. Check out the new work at Travis. 6089 Lower York Road, New Hope, PA.