Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Books...

I have enjoyed looking at artists BLOGS for some time now and I am happy to finally have mine up and running.  Websites are great but BLOGS seem more fluid, immediate and informative. I love hearing the thoughts of other artists, seeing their new work and works in progress. 

The first thing I want to post is my book recommendations. I have read countless books on art and art technique. Here's a few that I can't live without:

• Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting by John F. Carlson. 
The definitive guide to painting the landscape. It's brilliant! I read this book once or twice a year and find something new every time.

• Oil Painting Techniques and Materials by Harold Speed  
• The Practice of Drawing by Harold Speed. 
What you need to know about traditional drawing and painting... a lifetime of info!

• Composition of Outdoor Painting by Edgar A. Payne. 
A beautiful book by one of the great California impressionists. Landscape painting taught by a master. (out-of-print for years but re-released at

• Hawthorne On Painting by Charles W. Hawthorne. 
A wealth of information...

• The Art Spirit by Robert Henri.

• Brackman: His Art and Teaching by Kenneth Bates. 
I love this book. So clear, simple and to the point. It may be out-of-print but sometimes can be found at used bookstores or online.

There are also books on color and life drawing that I recommend as well... I will post those at another time.